2. We love you. Forever in our hearts.

  4. Latoya is the type of young lady who loves to Entertain. I think she would have been a great interior and fashion designer. She is very particular and likes the finer things in life. She has her show going on now with the OWN Network and is engaged to someone I like, Jeffre. She has invited me on her show multiple times and makes certain to attend any of my events. I have grown very close to her over the years. She has surprised me in a very positive way. Never in my dreams did I imagine her showing me this much appreciation and love. She calls me all the time and is one of the few who went on TV and said “My father had a stroke”. I am proud to call her my daughter and wish nothing but the best for her.

    Joseph Jackson

  5. Mr. Jackson and his mother.

  7. Happy weekend!

  8. Karen Faye: ‘Such a thoughtful way to celebrate Michael’s birthday…to have fans make these guys more money.’

    @wingheart - I imagine Michael Bush will have copies of his book miraculously signed by Michael Jackson…

    Karen Faye: ‘I heard the hologram will give out autographs on MJ’s birthday too if you buy a “estate approved” book…LOL’

  9. Michael receives the “Lifetime Achievement Award”
    May 19, 1993 at the Guinnes World of Records Museum in Hollywood, Ca

  10. Michael and LaToya.

  11. Mrs. Jackson with Janet.

  13. Bill Bray, security guy. 20th Annual American Music Awards
    Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles.

    Bill began working for the Jackson’s in the 70’s and retired in the mid-late 1990s. Though apparently he was still on Michael’s payroll right until he died aged 80 in 2005.

    ‘Bill Bray, a former Los Angeles police officer who served as Michael Jackson’s longtime security chief and became a father figure to the onetime child star, has died at the age of 80.

    Raymone Bain, told Reuters: “Michael is very, very, very saddened to learn of the passing of Bill Bray, who was a longtime friend and mentor to him and very trusted adviser to him,” Bain said.

    She said Jackson, who has been living in Bahrain since winning an acquittal on child molestation charges in June, had spoken to members of Bray’s family by telephone.

    Michael Jackson releases the following statement regarding the passing of his longtime friend, Mr. Bill Bray:

    “ I am deeply saddened by the passing of my dear and longtime friend, Mr. Bill Bray.”
    “ As I traveled throughout the world, Mr. Bray was there by my side. Bill Bray will forever have a special place in my heart.”
    “ I send my love and heartfelt sympathy to the Bray family.”

    Some reports say they hadn’t seen each other for quite some years prior to Bill’s death and as Bill had been sick before he died, MJ felt really guilty about it. If thats true I don’t know

  14. Tired of injustice

    Tired of the schemes

    The lies are disgusting

    So what does it mean

    Kicking me down I got to get up

    As jacked as it sounds

    The whole system sucks

  15. Red is 100% his best color! I always love that color on him.