1. 'Moonwalker' crew

  2. The Brady Bunch meets the Jacksons, 1971.

  3. About Michael Jackson:

    “He knows when to stop and then flash out like a bolt of lightning. There are a lot of dancers who can go 90 miles an hour, but Michael is too clever for just that.” ~ Gene Kelly

  4. 'Marlon I can say is a determined soul. He might not have been as quick at getting something right away as Michael did, but he would work at it until he got it. He could put his mind to something and stay focused. He did learn a lot from Michael as they were both very close in age. He is a great dancer, but was in Michael’s shadow so the public never go to discover how talented he as a solo artist could be. I recently watched him perform on stage with his brothers, and I could see the moves flow naturally out of him. I am happy to see him get the recognition he deserves.' Joseph Jackson

  5. Powerful

  6. Leave Me Alone

  7. Michael’s passport.

  9. We love you. Forever in our hearts.

  11. Latoya is the type of young lady who loves to Entertain. I think she would have been a great interior and fashion designer. She is very particular and likes the finer things in life. She has her show going on now with the OWN Network and is engaged to someone I like, Jeffre. She has invited me on her show multiple times and makes certain to attend any of my events. I have grown very close to her over the years. She has surprised me in a very positive way. Never in my dreams did I imagine her showing me this much appreciation and love. She calls me all the time and is one of the few who went on TV and said “My father had a stroke”. I am proud to call her my daughter and wish nothing but the best for her.

    Joseph Jackson

  12. Mr. Jackson and his mother.

  14. Happy weekend!

  15. Karen Faye: ‘Such a thoughtful way to celebrate Michael’s birthday…to have fans make these guys more money.’

    @wingheart - I imagine Michael Bush will have copies of his book miraculously signed by Michael Jackson…

    Karen Faye: ‘I heard the hologram will give out autographs on MJ’s birthday too if you buy a “estate approved” book…LOL’