1. About Jackie. He has a very strong will and does not like being told what to do. A story comes to mind during his growing up years. I bought Jackie a brand new saxophone because I wanted him to play some type of instrument besides just dancing and singing. He looked at the instrument, took it with him to school, came back home and told me as a matter of fact that he did not want it.  One day, years later he came into my office and asked me “How come I am not playing any instruments. I replied, “You said you did not want it and you put it down”.  He inquired why I never forced him as it would have been good for him. I never told him why not, but I knew his will was to strong back then to be forced into doing something he never wanted to do. That was why I never tried.

    Joseph Jackson

  2. What can I say about Rebbie. She is my eldest child and as most first borns do, she carried the weight of responsibility to look after her brothers and sisters. She is a good daughter. A 100% jehovah witness. She raised all her children as Jehovah witnesses. As Katherine had to work, the responsibility fell on her to cook and look after my other kids. She helped Katherine a lot in raising the kids, and I do have much to thank her for how she carried herself through the years.

    Joseph Jackson

  3. Smooth Criminal by Eliza Lo.

  5. “What I can say about Katherine, is she has the most gentle soul of any one I have ever met. And she loved her children. She was really a very good mother to the children. She knew where every single one of them was at all times while she was also working. She did keep them off the street. Many don’t know this but she helped me a lot rehearsing the kids. Although she does not celebrate birthdays she knows all their birthday’s by heart. We’ve been through a lot together

    Her unique character. When Katherine and I argue as couples sometimes do, I am not worried at all if she is loud, shouts or screams at me. But when she gets really quiet, ooh that is when I know to be very very careful around her. Still water runs deep. There is so much of Michael in her.”

    Joseph Jackson

  6. Beautiful!

  8. Ted Ross, Nipsey Russell, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross rehearsing The Wiz (1978).

  11. Cute hairdo, Michael! :)

  12. A photo of Michael dated Saturday April 21/1979.

  13. Stan Winston, Make up Artist for the Wiz, 1977:
    “I asked Michael over for dinner one night. We had to keep quiet about it, because if anybody found out, word would spread like wildfire. It was 1978 and at age 19, Michael was already well-known around the world. So he came over to our apartment in Bergenfield, New Jersey with his armed bodyguard, Spence. Dinner was Cornish game hens and, by Michael’s request, Stove

    Top Stuffing, which he said the folks in his home town of Gary, Indiana referred to as “dressin’.” When he ate, he really dug in: He got food all over his face, all over the table, all over his clothes. He was very passionate about anything he did, and I suppose eating was one of those things.

    At that time, the comedian Robert Klein had made an appearance on Saturday Night Live; he came out with a harmonica, gave the band the downbeat by stomping his foot, and cried, “Lemme hear some blues!” The band struck up the introduction to a blues number and he began playing the harmonica with them, stomping his feet, leg pumping in time. After the opening 16 bars, he pulled the harmonica from his lips and, foot still stomping, sang, “I can’t stop my leg, little darlin’ … I can’t stop my leg, little guurrl!”

    Well, Michael got a big kick out of this. So while I played a blues chord progression on my guitar, Michael stomped his foot and sang, “I can’t stop my leg!” At one point while he was singing, he said, “Now listen to me, people” and I broke up because he was really getting into it. From this visit, I got the sense that he was a very normal, healthy kid”.